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Blackberry Battery Saving Tips

The more sophisticated and a lot of features and applications found on electronic devices, the more he eats battery power. Just like any other gadget devices, BlackBerry also spelled consume a lot of battery power. No wonder almost all the Blackberry users tend to run out of battery power on the road and searched for an outlet to recharge. Therefore we must be very clever to set the battery power is not quickly run out by doing some settings on applications that run within it.

Here are tips on how to conserve battery power the BlackBerry :

Charging Power 

  • Charge your BlackBerry ® smartphone as much as possible. When at home, charge your Blackberry battery fully. 
  • Do not leave your Blackberry remain in a state connected to the charger when it is full. Although already equipped with a circuit breaker where they have been full, but letting your Blackberry to stay connected with the charger is not recommended.
  • Blackberry batteries use lithium batteries. So you can do recharge though have not yet reached the condition of full empty. For this type of battery, is is not recommended for frequent charging from the empty condition. Use a portable charger or powerbank to help you charging the battery while travelling.
  • Use a quality battery. Quality battery will ensure the durability and capacity in accordance with its promised by the manufacturer.


  • Reduce the volume. The higher volume will increasingly drain your battery power.
  • Wear headphones.  Use of headphones while listening to music will be very helpful in saving your Blackberry battery.
  • Turn off the equalizer settings (Media - Options)


  • Visit the mobile site if possible. Mobile site is designed more lightly loaded on your Blackberry so that in addition to save battery usage also saves time because it is quicker to load. Full sites requires your Blackberry to work harder to display it, so it will drain the battery more than the mobile site.
  • Turn off Animation to a lower setting (Browser - Options - General Properties). Animation is used by the site will force you to work harder Blackberry to display web pages, which in itself would require a greater power.
  • Close the browser after the completion (using the ESC key, not the red End key). Applications which closed with the END key will remain running in the background. The use of power does occur while you are not using it.

Screen / Keyboard

  • Reduce the Backlight Off Time (Options - Screen / Keyboard). Although a little, a few seconds of a few dozen times in one day will be quite influential in saving the battery power of your Blackberry.
  • Reduce Backlight Brightness (Options - Screen / Keyboard). The brightness of the screen is a component that is large enough in taking the battery power
  • Holster smartphone (LCD off automatically). Set the holster to turn off the LCD automatically.
  • Set the Audible Roll to mute (Options - Screen / Keyboard). Audible Roll should be set to mute, to some extent can reduce power usage for the audio that is not important.
  • Turn off Sound button (Options - Screen / Keyboard). Similar to the audible roll, this reduces the power consumption for audio that is not important.

Network Connection

  • Turn off unused connections when not in use, eg. GPS, Wi-Fi ®, Bluetooth ®. Keep you turn on Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi only when you need it. Connection connection has contributed a very large drain the battery in your Blackberry.
  • Use the On / Off Automatically (Auto On / Off). This feature is present in every Blackberry but rarely used. Set your Blackberry for automatic off in the hours where you definitely would not use it (eg your sleeping hours) and set to automatic on when you will definitely need it (eg when you wake up). Do not worry about your messages, it will still get your messages when you wake up.
  • Use single mode only (1XEV, 2G only, 3G only). Choose one. If left to the Blackberry to choose (the default), then the network switching  will occur quite often depend on signal strength at that time. Any network switching will take a very large battery power.


  • Use the shortcut menu so no need to activate Java ® (Browser - Options - Browser Configuration). The use of shortcuts will minimize the time pretty flame screens and the use of Java, which at the end will save your battery.


  • Turn off the flash (Camera - Options). Use the flash only when you need it. The flash uses a very large power.
  • Set the picture size to Small (Camera - Options)
  • Set the Color Effect to Normal (Camera - Options)
  • Set Image Quality to Normal (Camera - Options)


  • At exit, make sure to close the application, do not leave it running in the background (closed with the ESC key, not the red End key). Applications that are still running in the background will still drain power even when you do not use it.
  • Get out of third-party applications when not in use (Instant Messaging, etc..). Instant messaging will always try to connect  and will drain your battery. Turn off if you're not using it


  • Turn off the sound notification (Profiles), especially for BBM groups that are not so important
  • Turn off the LED lights mark the signal coverage (Profiles). Led signal coverage is a feature not so useful but still using battery power.


  • Use the zoom out to get a visible area that can still be used

By doing the above tips, your Blackberry battery will last longer, so you do not always find an wall outlet for charging your Blackberry.


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