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Characteristic of Genuine Blackberry F-S1 battery

What are the physical characteristics of the RIM Blackberry batteries created to distinguish the F-S1 with a counterfeit? To date, contrasting genuine Blackberry F-S1, J-M1, E-M1 and F- M1 battery with a counterfeit relatively easier compared to distinguish the type of C-S1 battery, D-X1 and M-S1.

baterai blackberry torch F-S1 original

No pairing / cloning device

Security system / pin on the batteries the newest generation Blackberry is still quite difficult to replicate. That is why, on the aftermarket Blackberry batteries for F-S1 which are sold in the market would have to include a tool for pairing or cloning. It works to copy data stored in the genuine battery to the aftermarket battery.

blackberry battery cloning device

The Genuine original Torch F-S1 battery will not require such device. You can simply use the battery without having to go through the battery pairing process or cloning.


Serial numbers

The original Blackberry battery has a serial number that is different in each of his batteries. Serial number consists of a batch / lot production code and serial number production. The original battery will be numbered sequentially at the end of its production process, while counterfeit batteries printed in bulk. 

baterai blackberry torch 9800 9810 original F-S1

Field inspection is not easy. We can not easily open the packaging before buying, and then look to compare two batteries to see if the two batteries have a valid serial number and different from one another. But if you are dealing with a good seller, surely they will allow you to do so.

Lot number can be equal but must have a different serial number on each battery. Lot production batch code is a code in which one production group has a same production batch number but still with a different serial number on each of its battery pack.


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