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Characteristic of Genuine Blackberry C-S2 battery

What are the physical characteristics created by RIM to distinguish original Blackberry C-S2 battery with a fake one? Let us look at the picture you've ever seen before in How to distinguish genuine and fake Blackberry battery :

baterai blackberry C-S2 original asli dan palsu

Could you tell which batteries are fake and which one is original?

Usually we will convict the battery No. 2 is fake, and the rest of them are genuine, because it has a reassuring hologram sticker on it. But of course you have read the article about how to distinguishing original and fake Blackberry before, you have to understand that we do not judge the authenticity of the Blackberry batteries from its packaging and holograms. So what are the genuine Blackberry C-S2 battery characteristic? 


Serial numbers

The authentic original Blackberry battery has a serial number that must be different in each of its batteries. Serial number consists of a batch / lot production code and production serial number. The authentic original battery will be numbered sequentially at the end of its production process, while the fake one printed in bulk. You can see this distinction. Let us see the back of the four C-S2 battery :

baterai blackberry gemini original - serial backside

At glance it appears that all batteries have a serial number, but there is only one battery that has a complete serial number: batch code / lot and serial number. There is only one genuine original battery of the four batteries. Battery no. 3 is the aunthetic Genuine Blackberry C-S2 battery. Note the differences

ciri baterai blackberry gemini asli dan palsu

Field inspection is not easy. We can not easily open the packaging before buying, and then look to compare two batteries to see if the two batteries have a valid serial number and different from one another. But if you are dealing with a good seller, surely they will allow you to do so.

baterai blackberry gemini original serial number

Lot number can be equal but must have a different serial number on each battery. Lot production batch code is a code in which one production group has a same production batch number but still with a different serial number on each of its battery pack.


Battery's Skin 

Second characteristic for Blackberry C-S2 battery is the skin covering the batteries. The general rule is: if the battery has rounded angled sides, the battery skin is supposed to be rough and textured because it made ​​a sort of canvas. If the battery has an angle of the elbow or the box, the battery should have a smooth skin because it made from ​printed paper.

skin baterai c-s2

Both battery in the image above is a fake battery. But the left has failed to meet the initial rules of the skin material. Battery with rounded angled side should have its skin textured / rough. So when you first hold it you will immediately recognize it. 

Color and print quality on the skin will also show you which battery is original and what is counterfeit. The original Blackberry battery will have a stable color prints at any level of detail with high accuracy level.


Unique Design

As mentioned previously, each battery Blackberry will have a special design for each of its kind. For Blackberry C-S2 battery, the note was written next to the logo Blackberry Blackberry :

ciri baterai blackberry gemini original logo

Notice in the picture above. Genuine Blackberry C-S2 battery will have two lines that led to the Blackberry logo. Counterfeit batteries will have different lines, although it has passed our previous skin test.


Built quality detail

Authentic genuine Blackberry Battery C-S2 will have a detailed production quality better than the counterfeit batteries. Indeed, at a glance will look the same, but when you try to look closer to detail it will look different. Note the difference in production quality between the two batteries below :

Baterai Blackberry Gemini C-S2 built quality

kualitas Baterai blackberry gemini C-S2


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