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How to distinguish genuine and fake Blackberry battery

Original Blackberry batteries are best suited to your Blackberry. Its quality and specifications would have been a great fit with the Blackberry you have. But unfortunately its prices are still very expensive for the moment, and added the Blackberry is very widely circulated counterfeit batteries that are very similar to the authentic originals in the eyes of laymen. If not careful, we will be very easy to be fooled by counterfeit Blackberry battery purchase. Thus, you as the consumer will be harmed because spending money on products that are not commensurate.

So how we can buy the original Blackberry battery which is truly original and authentic? BatreBB will provide tips to distinguish the characteristics of a genuine original Blackberry battery with a counterfeits.

ciri-ciri baterai original asli dan palsu

Don't judge a battery from its cover (and holograms)

Yes, please do not judge the authenticity of Blackberry battery from its pack or a hologram on it! Packaging and hologram technology is now sufficiently advanced and affordable for everyone, so it was not a difficult thing to replicate the original packaging. It could be a counterfeit batteries are packaged in such a way as to convince, but still counterfeit. And could be a genuine original batteries are packed with makeshift packaging, but still the original battery in it. (In Indonesia, lots of the original batteries are packed with simple packaging to reduce distribution costs, so prices remain affordable in Indonesia)

Let we look C-S2 Battery for Blackberry Curve Gemini Keppler below :

ciri baterai blackberry palsu

That battery is a counterfeit battery. Lunches are packed with standard packaging which is convincing. Holograms are on the body of the battery and also on the outer packaging. Battery wrapped with a very interesting and convincing plastic. You will be lulled to see the appearance of these batteries, and began to believe that this is 100% original Blackberry battery. You'll feel the difference when it has been used. Its performance will be far from a true original battery.

So do not judge a battery's originality from its packaging and holograms. Take a closer look at the battery in it. You want to buy original batteries, not pretty packaging and hologram.


Physical characteristics

Each Blackberry batteries have a unique physical characteristics. It is mentioned as a feature and a code made ​​by RIM to complicate counterfeiting. But of course the counterfeiters were not stupid. They will always try to make their products as similar as possible to the original. Consider the following figure, which one do you think is the genuine Blackberry C-S2 battery ?

baterai blackberry C-S2 original asli dan palsu

Note also the following picture, which do you think is the original Blackberry D-X1 battery of the four batteries?

baterai Blackberry D-X1 original asli dan palsu

Of course is not easy to find out which the original battery if you do not know the physical characteristics of genuine original battery. Especially if you're dealing directly with the seller and the product, which will very rarely you can compare the products you buy.

What are the characteristics of the original Blackberry battery? Traits and physical characteristics of each battery can be found at the following link : 

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Genuine original Blackberry Pearl FM1 battery characteristics


Production Quality

The original Blackberry battery manufactured by a licensed manufacturer of the official Research in Motion (RIM). Not easy to capture the license, of course, has gone through a series of trials and tests are very stringent. Not to mention the best Quality Control which will filter out only the highest quality battery that is worth bearing the title of Blackberry battery.

Research In Motion Blackberry Factory

With such heavy conditions, then the second way to distinguish the genuine Blackberry battery with a counterfeit is to look physically built to assess its quality. Official Factory is a large factory with a very strong capital, which in itself would have the best machinery and the finest raw materials. This will be reflected in its products. Product of the original Blackberry battery will have a very high degree of accuracy, we can see from the outside appearance carefully. It can only be achieved using the best engine and best materials.

Contrary, the counterfeiters factory usually is not have the big capital for the factory's official. They tend to be use low-quality machines and use the cheapest raw materials as well to keep costs as low as possible. So if we look in detail and carefully, would appear the result of the machinery and raw materials are cheap.

Notice in the picture Blackberry D-X1 battery following :

Kualitas produksi baterai Blackberry D-X1 original

Note the R logo on the battery. On the genuine battery, by naked eye appears to be only a small point, while the R logo on the fake battery looks very readable. But when we increase the depth of the zoom, it would appear quality printing and ink used. Only the best engine which is quite sophisticated and expensive with the best raw materials could manufacture products with a very high degree of accuracy. If counterfeiters manufacturers want to match the accuracy and quality like that, then they have to spend a lot of money and in the end is not achieve economies of scale of counterfeit products production.


Seller reputations

The unique characteristics has been thorough. The quality of the products also have you look carefully. The last thing to be an additional assurance that the Blackberry battery you buy is genuine is the reputation of the seller. It is indeed sometimes be a dilemma for you. The big seller and already well-known outlets is often an option. But they put Blackberry battery priced with soaring prices. This is reasonable because they have to pay for employee salaries and overhead for operations, coupled with the burden of a long warranty on them. All of them are charged to the price of the products you buy.

membedakan baterai blackberry asli dan palsu

On the other hand, the sellers of small and medium enterprises can be an alternative option. They can set their prices much more friendly to the goods which are equally authentic. They have smaller overhead costs, so that it can provide the same products at much more affordable price. 

Make sure you buy from a trustworthy sellers, who does understand exactly what they sells and can ensure that you are buying a genuine Blackberry battery which is worth the price.

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